However, hello, it would be delivering anything as well absolutely to require so it seem sensible, which could be nerdy

One thing commonly so incredibly bad in the event. Spock knows in which discover a keen outpost; way less unbelievable than the Lithium Breaking Station i noticed right here 40 years before, however, hot having Scottsmen and their slutty-toad friends.

He walks Kirk more than. Spock himself could have been remaining in the fresh cavern in order not so you can hinder for the last, but watching Kirk look lovely once again has set him in your mind regarding dated times, thus he states just what hell, I shall illustrate this option the new militarily-invaluable secret out-of transwarp beaming and you can trust them to use it discretely.

Scotty results in the brand new Enterprise’s coolant-plumbing, a keen embarassingly stupid bargain out-of Charlie additionally the Chocolate factory one to they did not even build (excuse-me, render) a-flat to possess, however, take to in a few really brewery someplace. This is how Scotty–just who I always imagine should be pretty very hot content to help you become Head Professional of Federation’s flagship–actually eventually ends up agreeable their. He is thus unimpressive regarding end up being allotted to an excellent snowed-inside the shack regarding the butt-end out-of nowhere, however produces an opinion having a picture Upcoming-Spock have slipped your into the sly.

Norwegian damer i USA

Then movie is good for regarding the ten full minutes, ahead of shedding back to a number of dangling-drill-and-blackhole madness that i lack the ambition to work out.

We become to see the brand new Firm hide from inside the Titan’s cloudtops, also, because the Cassini photos all are over the internet and it’d become a shame to not ever works Saturn’s rings into the somehow–magnetic interference, one musical an excellent–WTF?

Their lives, and you will what you there is viewed out-of him in advance of, comes to an end which have him stranded within the a schedule in which one another globes keeps become destroyed because of their own shag-right up?

The fresh upshot would be the fact Nero, who has got wild (do not have to define their convinced–they are Insane) becomes his vessel drawn to the a great blackhole hence, we should instead imagine, remains given that World’s the moonlight

This is going to make me most sad. regardless of if Spock themselves appears very sanguine in regards to the entire topic. I suppose the guy rents an area across town from Quinto-Spock (to offer young Vulcan his room), and eventually ends up offering pencils into the a street spot somewhere. He could support themselves attempting to sell items of upcoming studies, definitely, or by the to relax and play the stock market, however, he won’t due to the fact the guy won’t compromise idea to own finances, whether or not Nimoy perform and really does.

Pike results in a chair once again, but at least they can would much more inside than just blink his absolutely nothing white. Too crappy extremely, In my opinion he variety of dug Vina and may also n’t have been so bad from spending eternity towards Talos IV (waiting a minute, performed that it Pike and you may Spock even head to Talos IV? I do not thought they had enough time. Yes Kirk never served lower than Garrovik).

And forget Chekov’s locks–what’s going on along with his actually are away from kindergarten? Antique Chekov don’t join the staff till the 2nd 12 months, whenever Kirk is actually 36, and that i had the impact he was fresh off officer’s school.

Therefore the amazing Spock, the fresh new Spock we know and you will like, spent 80+ years trying reunify Vulcan and Romulus to possess absolutely nothing?

I am aware. Nerd Technical Geek Technical. The guy hadda be present ’cause folks hadda show up–it is not supposed to be drawn also seriously! (Grrrrrrrrrrrr. )

So now we’ve our old crew magically pre-united, age in advance of they were serendipitously allotted to the old NCC-1701 first off, meaning that today they can be a great deal hipper and sexier throughout the videos one follow, which–that one’s probably lender grand–would-be not limited of the reasoning as opposed.